Travers Family Genealogy
Written by Connie Travers Barker   
Monday, 10 July 2006 20:00
Connie Travers 1967 The thought of changing my Travers surname as a requirement of marriage was unconscionable to me even as a young girl of nine years old. That is when my interest in the Travers family began and boys were only good for riding bikes or climbing trees with, or throwing rocks at.  I never thought any would be worthy enough to give up my family name for!  Most of the Travers family history was recounted to me by my father, James Earl Travers, throughout his lifetime with stories, pictures, letters, and, most importantly, by way of frequent visitation and recreation with living Travers descendants. He assured me that I would not be giving up my surname but adding one and that I would always have the Travers blood lineage and pass it on to my children. Little did I know as a child that someday I would hold the answers to many of the questions of future Travers generations to come as a result of all these things. 
As a tribute to my lineage, this web site,, is being constructed to gather into one collection all the information possible on my Travers family and the Travers Surname genealogy.  I owe much allegiance and gratitude to Hank Phebus of Tencom Networks for doing the construction of the site.
All are welcome here, kin or not, and  I hope you enjoy browsing through the Travers Family Genealogy site. I remind you this is a work in progress and continually changing.  If you have any facts or events to add, or,  discover information you feel is incorrect, please contact me.  Your comments are most desired.
                                                                         Connie Travers Barker
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